Pritty pearlescent pigments are suitable for using in transparent and semi-transparent plastic polymer for an injection, extrusion or blowing molding process. The impressive products bring a special chrome and fancy visual effect to the final products, such as cosmetic & personal care packages, food packages, electronics, automotive components, household products, toys and various thin film plastic products.

When Pearlescent Pigments is used in Plastic industry, normally it is made into Masterbatch first for better dispersion, instead of mixing into the plastic directly.

Because plastic are popularly used for toys, food/drinks package and cosmetic package etc, it is important to control all raw material ingredients comply with all corresponding regulations:

  • All Pritty Pearlescent Pigments substances are REACH registered. Absence of substances listed in “Annex XVII to EC Reg, 1907/2006; Absence of substances listed in the “Candidate List” updated at 07/07/2017 (REACH Reg)
  • All Pritty Pearlescent Pigments intended to come into contact with Food & FDA 21 CFR 175.300-Resionous and polymeric coatings
  • All Pritty Pearlescent Pigments comply with EN71-3-2013 for Toy/Scraped-off toy material and EU 2017/752 for Food contact

Pritty specifically developed Plastic Grade Pearls. The advantages are:
-- Fantastic Dispersion. It solves spot problem, even when using pearls directly into plastic
--The pearl pigments is protected from the extra coating, it breaks significantly LESS even with double-screw extrusion

Comparison between Regular pearl and Plastic Grade pearl:


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