Printing ink Application


Pearlescent pigments have been widely used in the printing and publishing industry to enhance the decorative effect from cosmetics packaging, cigarette cases, alcohol labels, gift packaging, to business cards, greeting cards, calendars, book covers surface. It imparts the special pearlescent effect which is different from regular organic, inorganic pigments or metallic effect pigments.

Flexography printing, offset printing, gravure printing and screen-printing are the most widely used printing methods worldwide. Each method has unique advantages. Compared to traditional pigments, the components and structure of pearl pigments are quite different. So there are some cautions we need to pay attention to:

  • -- Pre-wetting: we recommend pre-wetting pearlescent pigments before mixing pearlescent pigments into ink system. This will achieve a better dispersion and stop pearlescent pigments from clogging the scraper.
  • -- Dispersion: pearlescent pigments are easy to disperse. Low speed stirring is enough to evenly disperse in the low viscosity inks. We do not recommend using three-roller mill, high-speed disperse or grinding machine which may damage the pearlescent pigments and potentially losing the pearl effect. We suggest adding pearlescent pigments to the ink system at the last manufacturing step to minimize damage to its structure. During the mixing process, a fixed lower speed and shorter time is recommended.
  • -- Transparent ink media: transparency of the ink is the key factor for pearl effect ink. Always use transparent ink or binder; otherwise the pearl effect will be covered by the mass tone.
  • -- Pigment distribution: when pearlescent pigments are distributed better and more even in the ink, a greater pearl effect can be achieved: The pearlescent flakes must parallel to the substrate surface to obtain a wonderful optimal pearl effect.
  • From the perspective of the end users, pearl pigments with smaller particle size and lower oil abortion (interfere less with ink viscosity) are top concerns to pearl pigments in printing inks

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