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Solar Gold 305 is a specific type of gold pigment known for its vibrant and intense golden color. This pigment is widely used in various applications to create a striking and luxurious finish.


Solar Gold 305 is typically made from mica coated with iron oxide, creating a vibrant and reflective gold pigment. The precise formulation and particle size distribution ensure consistent color and effect.


  1. Automotive: Used in automotive paints to provide a rich, golden finish that enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.
  2. Cosmetics: In the cosmetics industry, Solar Gold 305 is used in products like eyeshadows and highlighters to provide a bold, golden shimmer.
  3. Decorative Coatings: This pigment is used in decorative coatings to add a luxurious touch to surfaces like furniture, frames, and accessories.


  • Vibrant Color: The primary advantage is the vibrant and intense golden color it provides.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use in a wide range of applications.
  • Consistency: The precise formulation ensures consistent color and effect.


Solar Gold 305 is a valuable pigment for creating a vibrant and luxurious golden finish. Its intense color and versatility make it a popular choice in industries ranging from automotive to cosmetics.