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Powder coating ,literally speaking ,is a type of coating in the form of 100% powder. Compared with conventional paint , powder coating does not contain any liquid carrier . It is sprayed onto the substrate surface in powder form, then baked ,melted ,leveled and cured to form a thin film.

Powder coating has a lot of advantages over the liquid coatings . It is VOC free and more environmental friendly. Powder coating is easier to design a auto-production line which gives higher productivity and low cost.

Powder coating has a wide variety of colors and surface finishes: Gloss, semi-gloss, satin or flat finishes, as well as a wide selection of textured, wrinkled, and many other special effects. Virtually any color is available with powder.

There are two application methods using pearl pigment into powder coating : dry blending and by bonding.


Bellow table describes some regular defects with common solutions in the powder coating application:

In Pritty , we offer three product lines for the customers’ choices covering all categories of powder coatings.

  • General product lines : which cares about strong opacity, high brilliance. Popular products:
    — Silver Grey : 7211, 7222
    — Gold Rush : 3306, 3325, 305M
    — Commodity 100SW, 205, 300, 323, 502, 504, 522, 123N, 103N
  • Pritty PC pearls: Specially treated products to solve the universal issues and plus added value . All the regular products can be treated into PC series .
    — No gun blocking issue, Coating ratio increases up to 10%, Easier dispersion
    — Significantly increased the Metallic Effect and 3D Sparkle Effect
  • Pritty Nacreium series : specially treated for exterior applications asking for high weather resistance performance . Popular products :
    — Silver White : 9103, — Iron : 9500 ,9502 ,9504 ,9522
    — Gold Luster : 9300 ,9303 ,9323