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IRIDESIUM is a complete product range for interior applications; it is widely used for decorative paint, plastics, printing ink, textile, synthetic leather and many more applications which require unique effect. IRIDESIUM offers 10 color families in total, including traditional pearls, as well as Pritty Patent products. Please check IRIDESIUM Category for product details.

Corinthium was developed as a substitute for Bronze Powder.

Traditional Powdered Bronze has application restrictions as because it oxidizes, it's not suitable for Water Borne applications, as well as the heavy metal content is difficult to control

Corinthium is manufactured from mica which is an inert inorganic mineral and therefore does not have powdered bronze restrictions. The Corinthium pearlescent pigments color shades are very similar to traditional Bronze Powder with its its opacity and metallic effect much higher than traditional pearlescent pigments

Tips:IRIDESIUM 3725 is the most special color shade. With multi-coating as well as other pritty “in-house” technology, it offers the ultimate opacity and metallic effect. It looks very close to Bronze Powder.

TechnoGrey is not 100% the same as Aluminum. However when there is issue with Aluminum, it is close enough to provide the “Aluminum look”.

TechnoGrey is compatible with both solvent and waterborne systems without colour leaching or changing. It has no risk of explosion, easy for storage, transportation and applications

TechnoGrey is outstanding for powder coating with excellent opacity and metallic effects. It could duplicate Aluminum Effect with Powder Coating

Pritty Prismatic is better known as chameleon. It stands for a new level of sophistication with a creative color shifting effect. It is a one of a kind experience as your angle of vision changes, so does the color. Along with unique color changes, Pritty Prismatic also has a high purity and excellent color saturation. It adds a totally new dimension to the eye-catching designs.

Pritty Prismatic is created with synthetic mica with particle size 30-100um and 10-40um. Each pigments show three different color shades. The best effect is seen when placed on a black or darker background. High glossy media will bring out the ultimate prismatic rainbow effect.