Arctic White

IRIDESIUM – Arctic White

Arctic White is the whitest of the white pearlescent pigments!

On a base of the best quality of synthetic mica, Arctic White is extremely shiny with impressive opacity.

Arctic White is excellent for printing inks, especially for wall paper, when the whitest of the white is desired, it is the best choice!


  • Iridesium 1690

    Iridesium 1690

    Particle Size (um): 50-250

    Subtract: Synthetic Mica

  • Iridesium 1680

    Iridesium 1680

    Particle Size (um): 30-100um

    Subtract: Synthetic Mica

  • Iridesium 1670

    Iridesium 1670

    Particle Size (um): 10-60um

    Subtract: Synthetic Mica