Gold Rush


Gold Rush is categorized as a Gold Pigment; however it is produced with a unique technology different from the Golden Lustre pigment family. People are used to the name “Solar Gold”.

This special gold is Pritty’s Core products. Pritty is the biggest Gold Rush producers in the world.

Pritty offer 4 categories of Gold Rush:
Reddish Gold; Greenish Gold; Transparent Gold and Metallic Gold.
Regarding particle size, Pritty almost covers it all: from the smallest (<15um) to the biggest (1000um)

Economical wise, Pritty offers 3 different lines:
The Economical line; The Regular Line & The Premium Line.

Lots of Gold Rush Products are produced under Pritty patent, such as the smallest gold pigments, the most metallic gold and the transparent gold. When speaking of gold, Pritty is a one-stop supplier.

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