CLAREIUM – Techno Grey

If you run into any issues with Aluminum, please try TechnoGrey, which can present the Aluminum effect without Aluminum headaches.

TechnoGrey is remarkably close to the look of powdered aluminum, extremely shiny with impressive opacity and as it is completely inert there are no explosive hazards, and it is completely compatible with waterborne applications.

TechnoGrey is outstanding for powder coating with excellent opacity and metallic effects,as well as for spray-free injection molding such as for automotive parts, electronic appliances and so on with excellent heat tolerance of 300°C for 10 minutes.


  • Clareium 71781

    Particle Size (um): 10-60
    Substrate :Synthetic Mica

  • Clareium 71791

    Particle Size (um): 30-100
    Substrate :Synthetic Mica