Alucopearls (Silver Grey)


Alucopearl is A FDA complied Silver Grey family. It is developed with Pritty’s “in house” technology. These silvery grey colors are created without the use of any colored pigments. Yes, the grey pearls is made of Mica and Titanium Dioxide only.

As a innovative “traditional” pearl pigments, Alucopearls is not affected from colored pigments and its heavy metal contents are strictly under control. CLAREIUM Alucopearls comply with FDA and all regulations for Color Cosmetic and Personal Care products.

This Multi-coating product offers impressive metallic effect and opacity. With a small dosage, it can create a shimmer of dazzling sparkle for eye shadows, eye liners and many more interesting designs.

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  • Clareium 7333

    Particle size (um): <10

    Substrate: Synthetic Mica


  • Clareium 7211S

    Particle size (um): 10-60

    Substrate: Synthetic Mica


  • Clareium 7223

    Particle size (um): 50-200

    Substrate: Synthetic Mica