IRIDESIUM – ChromaPura

ChromaPura is the latest launch from Pritty – the ultimate interference effect pearlescent pigment with color purity like a laser, one pure color.

Usually, interference colors are a mix of colors with one color being dominate, such as gold, red, purple, blue and green. However all have other colors present which can be seen with different viewing angles.

ChromaPura is Pritty’s unique interference family made from thicker borosilicate platelets than usual which is challenging to process. The result is single color purity, like a laser no matter the viewing angle with enhanced depth

Another Contribution from the thicker borosilicate platelets is its incredible sparkle. With extremely small dosage such as less than 0.5%, on a darker background, ChromaPura is seen twinkling like star, from a certain angel, without interfering the master tone

ChromaPura family is available in gold, red, purple, blue and green.When a pure single color with extreme sparkle effect is desired, ChromaPura is your perfect choice