Metallium Pearls *NEW

IRIDESIUM – Metallium

Metallium pearls are Pritty’s latest launch under patent. It is natural mica based pearls with rich colors, without the use of organic pigments or colorants

The ingredients of Metallium pearls are Mica and Titanium Dioxide only. Traditionally this should turn out as interference colors: the pigments is in white powder form, the color is seen only when it is applied on dark background.
With the help of Pritty’s in-house technology, Metallium turns out 5 unique rich colors, the attractive saturated color is expressed fully even on white background, along with its own characteristics:

Ø Strong Opacity, especially on white background
Ø Impressive Metallic effect
Ø UV resistant & Higher Temperature Resistance
Ø FDA compliance

All products requiring chemically stable saturated colors.

The speed shapes are WHITE, painted with transparent acrylic mixing 8% metallium pearl pigments