CLAREIUM Cosmetic & Personal Care Line


What makes modern cosmetics so attractive? It is not only the scientific claim that may be included, very often the optical appearance and skin feel also triggers the consumer’s decision. Appearance and skin feel of cosmetic products can be improved significantly by the use of Pearlescent Pigments.

Pearlescent Pigments – a classic special effect pigments, gives cosmetic products such as powders, eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks, lip gloss, hair and body care products a fascinating effect and a unique tangible dimension.

Pritty offers a few signature products for cosmetic application:

Alucopearl is Silve Grey Color family without adding any colorant, it is exclusively developed by Pritty under patent. Interference gold 7205 is another diamond on the crown, it offers eye-catching sophistication to many cosmetic designs.

ALL PRITTY CLAREIUM products comply FDA. Its heavy metal contents are strictly under control, as well as microbiological.

Pritty Pearlescent Pigments present totally irreplaceable opportunities and amazing ideas! It can benefit the beauty world by adding color, luster, shimmer and shine to all types of cosmetics and personal care products!