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Pritty Pearlescent Pigments

With more than 17 years in the pearlescent effect pigment industry Pritty Pearlescent pigments has set the standard for innovation of new products and professionalism with such clients as DUPONT, Sherwin Williams, Nippon Paint, Honda, Loreal, Mattel, Poly One, and many more global major brands.

While Pritty manufactures high quality traditional pearlescent effect pigments, Pritty leads the market with its own in-house product innovation and development laboratories. Our own unique products:

GOLD RUSH[tm] with its unique 24K gold color range that is the best in the market.

Corinthiumtm, a Bronze Powder substitution that is non oxidizing and can be used with both waterborne and solvent.

Alucopearl, an FDA approved aluminum powder substitution. These are all unique to only Pritty as well as pearlescent effect pigments for powder coating and masterbatch for injection molding.

Pritty is ISO QA assured and exports to over 50 countries with many worldwide distributors for various industries such as decorative paints, plastics, wallpaper, powder coating, automotive paints, textile, leather, printing, grouting and more.

We are happy you have found us, and are eager to assist you with your pearlescent effect pigment requirements and become your creative partner.

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