Pritty Pearlescent Pigments

With more than 18 years in the Special Effect Pigment industry, Pritty Pearlescent Pigments has set the standard for innovation of new products and professionalism with clients from 6 continents, including many major global brands.

While manufacturing traditional Pearlescent Pigments with consistent quality, Pritty also leads the market with its own in-house product innovation and development laboratories. Very regularly, Pritty launches “New Collections” & “Trend Forecasts” to share ideas with formula designers.

Pritty’s flagship product is GOLD RUSH. It uses multi-coating technology to provide the distinctive gold shade, so it thoroughly expresses the luxurious 24K Solar Gold effect.

Aluminum and Bronze Powder are traditionally popular metallic pigments in the industry. However, they both have limits due to their metallic nature. Pritty developed TechnoGrey to duplicate the Aluminum effect, and Corinthium for the Bronze effect. Both TechnoGrey and Corinthium are FDA compliant and chemically stable because they are made of minerals.

Pritty is ISO QA assured and exports to over 60 countries with many worldwide distributors for various industries, such as decorative paints, plastics, wallpaper, powder coating, automotive paints, textile, leather, printing inks, grouting, and many more.

We are eager and happy to assist you with your demand for special effect pigments. It is our persistent commitment to make the world look Pritty.



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